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We've been working in the field of non-formal education since 2014. We provide "soft" skills development programs to children, teenagers and adults, organize educational events, courses and trainings for educational institutions and business, design and perform different community projects.
  • We generate ideas and create UNIQUE projects and events NEEDED for the society!

  • We are the PROFESSIONALS who can find a common language with different children and adults.
  • We design COPYRIGHTED PROGRAMS of trainings and courses.
  • At the heart of all our projects is the FOCUS ON RESULTS.

  • In our projects, we do not COMPARE, LABEL and/or JUDGE each other. EVERY PARTICIPANT IS IMPORTANT FOR US!

Episode № 9: Choice of a profession, vocation
Topic: Choice of a profession, consistency in education, popularization of science. We are trying to answer such important questions as "What is a vocation?", "What is the role of a teacher?", "How to choose a profession in times of uncertainty?"



An informal conversation for the three, where El Karmanova's guests, experts and specialists from various fields, discuss topical issues of education, share opinions, and offer possible solutions.

Karma Dogonit is an invitation to talk about the issues that bother schoolchildren, their parents, students and teachers, about what needs to be done today so that tomorrow the Kazakhstani education system becomes better than yesterday.

SINCE 2014...

individuals have taken part in all our programs and courses


educational events have been held


copyrighted programs, courses and trainings have been designed


charity and community development projects performed


Murat Auezov

public figure

"I couldn't be happier with the high quality level of various seminars, meetings and sociological studies and other events held for Kazakhstani youth of 15 to 22 years old, who seek to get to know themselves better"

(about "OzgerIs-YCI" project, 2021).


A film about the creation of mural #49agash at the school named after S. Berdykulov together with teachers, pupils and students of KazGASA, the village of Uzynagash. November, 2021
In 2017, the Komuniti team traveled to St. Petersburg and Moscow to shoot a series of interviews with the founders of the brightest educational projects in Russia. Portal Vlast.KZ
In 2016, Esquire.kz published a series of interviews by El Karmanova "WITHOUT FATHERS". The project gives voice to those who decided to talk about what it's like to live without a father...
A series of 10 interviews with successful people in Kazakhstan who share their personal stories and memories of their fathers. Project "Akem turaly", Esquire Kazakhstan. 2017



Independent curator, manager of social and cultural projects
"They stood up and told stories about their traumas, about the violence. They just saw that in this space of trust they can speak freely and no one will judge them. At that moment, I experienced a feeling of completeness, belonging and unity, I realized that everything we do is absolutely right. These memories still give meaning to everything that I do in my work".

(about ""OzgerIs-YCI, 2021)

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By Others
"I would like to note the well-established feedback system, the team quickly answered questions, and also provided us with good instructions"
Ansar Ismagulov
"Being a part of Ozgeris project I learned that my generation has no complexes, we are very free people!"
Zhenis Sadyk
"Thank you very much for your careful approach to work; for kind and considerate attitude to every volunteer!"
Danaya Yesbolganova
  • El
    Co-Founder of KOMUNITIPLUS Foundation,
    General Director of
  • meirzhan

    Co-Founder of KOMUNITI LLP,
    Director of KOMUNITIPLUS Foundation
  • ainur

    Coach, facilitator, project administrator, financial literacy expert
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